The Plug: Get Into “The Doux”





 a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

I introduce to you “The Plug”,  your insider (& coin spender) for Black-Owned Beauty Products. I genuinely love to support Black-Owned Businesses (B.O.B.s) because let’s be real, unless these brands are supported by industry darlings, they don’t receive their due especially compared to their counterparts.

One of my personal aspirations is the majority of the products I use daily be formulated by B.O.B.s. It’s no knock whatsoever to mainstream or high-end brands, but considering the vast imbalance of financial backing when the products are AH-MAZING, I have to put my coins where my mouth is.

I will be giving feedback on products ranging from skincare to hair as regularly as possible (Mama has a budget).

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The 10-10-10 Challenge: Expectation Vs. Reality


December 31, 2017: Murphy’s Law.

January 1, 2018: Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

That was how my year began. Nothing would bend to my will.

I love all things New Year’s Eve. Standing on an almost tangible edge into the future, the feeling of freshness and newness excites me. It encourages me. It allows me to move into a literal and figurative new dimension. Amore.

But this year? This year though? Pfft. Let’s recap, shall we? It’s my blog so yes we shall.

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For Colored Girls Who Travel Alone, But Are Never Lonely

Photo Feb 20, 1 35 18 PM
FYI: Issa lengthy one, but hey, there are pictures and videos and links and tings. Place your undiagnosed attention deficit on the shelf and enjoy the ride.
“You’re here by yourself?”
“Why aren’t your friends here?”
I’m enough.
“Aren’t you afraid?”
“You’re so brave.”
Umm, thanks?
People are always shocked when I say I travel by myself. After my first solo trip, I have become fully prepared for the launch of questions that is always 100% Guaranteed.

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The Ring That Wang Built: Get Your First Look At Alexander Wang For H&M


Don’t you love how I drop a post, apologize, bring that hotness, then disappear again?

*side eyes self*

Anyway, more hotness for your closets and a fast track to breaking those wallets!!!!

H&M has released the first looks into their collaborative collection with Mr. Alexander THE Wang.

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And My Soul Cries Yes!!! The Official Lookbook Of #AltuzarraForTarget


I think Target really understands how to merge high fashion appeal with mass market prices. In the past, I have waxed on and on about their beautiful creations that make me unapologetically salivate (see: Prabal, Phillip, Peter). So it’s no surprise that the Altuzarra collaboration continues to perpetuate my praise.

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Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection

I hope you didn’t think because we’re taking a break during the revamp that we aren’t still the go-to place for all your sartorial needs. The upgrade is coming folks. I hope you’re prepared. In the interim, Christian Louboutin has released the first images of his inceptive beauty collection with six signature nail lacquers available August 2014. The first color, his signature ‘Rouge Louboutin’, will be … Continue reading Christian Louboutin Debuts Beauté Nail Color Collection