Quick Flick: Ann Taylor x St. John x Salt Water Pearls

I am a thrifting addict!!! I love thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. I have gotten some gems!!! We’re talking leopard print fox fur vests, vintage haute couture, & labels of love for days!!!

“Oh, I’m not wearing anything someone else owned.” Ok great!!! More vintage Coco [Chanel] for me.

On my recent excursion, I picked up these three beauts that fit perfectly!!

Living in the Northeast, one would expect Alyssa Peacock to conform to the dark colors for cold weather. But I’m a Peacock baby!!! That so does not fly here!!! [no pun intended] On my quest, I came across this amazing Ann Taylor canary yellow rabbit fur blend sweater for only $4.99.  My St. John slim fit tailored pants were only $6.99, &  vintage pearls came in at a measly $10.00!!! Yea, I’m winning. And so is my bank account.

Having trouble getting into the swing of things? Don’t worry. How-to tips coming soon.

Pardon the photo quality. I don’t have a live-in photographer and my photography skills suck. Can’t be good at everything lol

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