Peacock Problems: Natural Or Relaxed?

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.” –Hubert de Givenchy


It is no easy feat hailing from the land of the Peacock. You are always ready to do bigger and better!!! Better job, bigger car, newer style. Transformation is ever a constant.

When my hair was long, I went through infinite hair styles. Black, red, blond, straight, curly, bangs, the list was endless.

But since I’ve chopped my hair off, I’ve been struggling to find a flattering lane of change. I went blond for every bit of an hour before throwing blue black hair color back over it. I had red hair that washed out my fair skin. I have been contemplating a gray patch, but since I am considering a career change, I don’t want to jeopardize any opportunities. Plus, I already have claws that I will not compromise on.

As an added inconvenience, I am a Zumba instructor. Straightening my hair is totally pointless. I will spend immense amounts of time and/or money having my curly flat ironed just to sweat it out the same night.I also hate weaves and wigs. I wore a lot of weave in high school, & overdosed on weave my Senior year when I developed alopecia areata.

I am dying for a different look.  Something chic but badass. Maybe black hair if the cut is dope enough.

Which leads me to my current torn situation: I am seriously thinking about relaxing my hair.

If you do not know what a relaxer is, it is simply a lotion or cream concoction that chemically “relaxes” the curl pattern in hair, making it straighter.

I have not had a relaxer since I was in 3rd when I got it chopped out. My hair is really fine & I was a tomboy. My hair would just break and break because I wanted to wet it all of the time.

But as an adult, relaxing for that instant straight, sexy look would be ideal. However, I have a huge issue with being dependent on products. Relaxer chemicals are the absolute worst for your hair. Besides, I love my hair curly, it’s getting boring ’tis all.

My vote is being strongly swayed by all the stupid dope hairstyles I keep seeing.

What do you think? Natural or Relaxed?

Check out my current temptations as well as those making a strong case for natural:

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Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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