Be Inspired: Gucci Fall/Winter 2012-2013

I am currently putting the final touches on my fall and winter staples. For me, it’s all about buy quality versus quantity. So I will splurge on a few pieces and rework them to keep my outfits fresh, new, and current. I’m not particularly the “follow the trend” sort, but if I happen to like an item that just so happens to be on-trend, I will certainly opt for it. This Gucci ad, though it plays into trend following, has some many uniquely redesigned articles, it’s hard to be mad.

My favorite pieces are definitely the sheer blouses and the black cape. Get the look for less below:

If you have haven’t found your way through the Fall maze, or want to add a little luxury-esque styling to your life, take an inspired cue from Gucci’s Fall Winter 2012 Advertisement and find inexpensive versions of your fav trends at your neighborhood Target, Joyce Leslie, or Bebe.
Moral Of The Story: Don’t break the bank in the name of fashion.
Get a head start on Spring with Gucci’s SS 2013 straight from Fashion Week.
Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock 

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