Fade To Black…

Alyssa Peacock: “Another for the folks”

Burrrr!!! Fall has arrived folks!!! I love all things that accompany Fall. Though I am not a fan of the transition from warmer weather to this Northeast chill, the changing of the leaves, apple cider, & Fashion Week make it worthwhile. It was 80 degrees one week then 50s the following.

My favorite part of Fall? I have an excuse to bust out my favorite wardrobe pieces. Fur, leather, & knits are my style poisons of choice. I am also afforded the opportunity to wear all black everything without the unintended “WTF” face from passersby. Fact: I am known to wear an entire black outfit in the middle of August. Judge me not!!!

Black is my all-time favorite color. It is unapologetic yet forgiving, conservative but rebellious, effortlessly chic, and completely fool proof. It is physically impossible to mess up an Blacked Out outfit. Im.possi.ble. Head to toe black gives you “center of attention” without appearing pretentious. Every runway this year had a black x black variant on their runways for Fall & Spring!!!

S Princess Warren, Designer/Stylist

Saint Laurent Paris by Hedi Slimane
Even Barbie is onto the Black trend!!! Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

This season, try upping the ante on all black. Take things to new heights by adding a little pizzazz to the mix. Black is the perfect canvas for a pop of color you may want to highlight. Afraid of color? Start off slow. Add a brightly colored blazer, purse, or shoe in less intimidating hues like red, blue, green or yellow with deep undertones to your black on black. Build your fearlessness up until it seeps from your pores.

Juanita Rogers, Information Technology Specialist

I recall a time when black with brown was a fashion taboo. Rules are made to be broken. Incorporate monochromatic brown, beige, gray, and white into your outfit. These shades will a create a focal point effect to your black ensemble.

Sarah Jessica Parker photo courtesy of Tumblr

Itching for some edginess? Add some heavy metal jewels or pieces with exposed hardware for rebellion dopeness. Don’t be afraid of hosiery with patterns or articles with some shredded wear and tear. If you can bear the cold, bare some skin!!! Animal prints are killers too!!! Play with varying textures, prints, and fabrics like leather and fur for unexpected luxury badass.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Feeling adventurous? Incorporate one or all of these styles into an explosion of style.

Jae White, Stylist
Rihanna. Photo Courtesy of Tumblr
Jill Scott. Photo Courtesy of BET
Amber Rose. Photo Courtesy of Tumblr
King Bey. Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Guys, I didn’t forget about you!!! All black is sexy and takes 2.5 seconds to pull together so you’ll still be dressed before she is.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Where would this post be without acknowledging the reigning King and Queen of black, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian? The thrown occupants own black like they birthed it while exemplifying my tips in interesting ways.

For my weekend venture into Manhattan (stay tuned for The Weekend Wrap up), I decided to keep it classic. I paired my blacks with subtle pops of red on my favorite physical attributes: nails and lips. It’s so sexy to me. I am not even a particular fan of red, but honey, I was feeling it!!!

Alyssa Peacock: “The entire package.”
Alyssa Peacock: “The proverbial bathroom pic”
Alyssa Peacock: “A hint of red.”
Alyssa Peacock: “Yet another bathroom pic. Blame Myspace.”
Alyssa Peacock: “Train pic really quick[ly]”

Devilish Details:

– Leather Jacket: Leather Boutique (old)

-Sweatshirt: KMart

– Knit Leggings: Target (old, but try these. Please be sure to wear another pair of leggings or tights underneath. I haven’t encountered a pair yet that didn’t need a double up.)

-Floral Embossed Boots: Doc Martens

Aviators: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Printed scarf: Pashmina

-Random Black Purse 

-Mink Hat: inherited from my mother (thanks Ma!!!)

The best thing about all black? It doesn’t require you to own haute couture and big ticket items. You can achieve a great all black look and/or with a pop of something special with the very things in your closet. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!!!

Moral Of The Story: Seriously family, when it comes to your sense of style, the possibilities are endless.The first & final step is to challenge yourself & do it!!! Just do it!!! Learn your loves, likes, & hates. Black knows no limit, recognizes no differences in races, colors, or creeds, and is universally amazing. Do what makes you feel sexy, fun, and happy. More inspiration awaits below!!!

Be Extraordinary-Alyssa Peacock

6 thoughts on “Fade To Black…

  1. That’s funny…I’m wearing a black pencil skirt, a black scoop neck shirt, and a houndstooth blazer. Black stockings and my black patent leather 4 inch pumps…thank you Nine West. 😀 Fading to black baby!

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