Coming Soon: Robert Pruitt For Jimmy Choo

The capsule collection by artist Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo is set to make waves in 5 days!!!! The collection contains 18 pieces including shoes, bags, and accessories crafted from some of the most exclusive materials. Among the collection is a  restyling of Choo’s iconic Anouk pump. The designs are inspired by the artist’s love of nature, particularly his penchant for the Panda. According to Pruitt,

“I think about birds and bees and how they’re attracted to the colourful and architectural audacity of flowers. I use glitter in my artwork in hopes that the viewer will experience the same magnetism toward my artwork that birds and bees experience toward flowers.

The panda is a recurring image seen throughout the body of my artwork. It’s a symbol that reminds us both to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable. They represent the harmony of yin and yang.”

The fashion house’s creative directors, Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway, on why they chose to collaborate with Pruitt:

“We are really excited by the collection as it reflects everything that captivated us about collaborating with Rob Pruitt: his energy, use of colour and the festive exuberance of his prints and materials. There were elements in his work that reminded us in subtle ways of the Jimmy Choo design iconography. The collaboration has yielded collectable pieces that are highly original, integrating both Rob’s sarcastic wit and Jimmy Choo’s iconic glamour.”

Coming October 24th, Jimmy Choo stans will be able to land their paws on some of Pruitt’s ‘adorable’ designs, including the highly sought after angel and devil panda minaudières that feature more than 11,000 hand-applied crystals. Only 12 limited editions of the  sets have been created, each with a designated number and signed by the artist.

Fact: Though I have an appreciation for some of the unique coolness, I will not be blowing my hard owned currency on the likes of these pieces. No ma’am. What I will do is scour the Earth for looks that provide a similar effect. I really love those minaudières!!! And is it me, or do some of these items look a little like they came off of the “Just Fab” manufacturing line?

Would you wear any of these ‘wears?

View the entire collection:

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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