Beyonce Inks $50 Million Deal With Pepsi


This just in: Jesus sent Beyonce to save the world.

Ok, maybe not, but with everything  King Bey Bey has lined up for 2013, the Mayans may have to take a rain check on the end of the world.

In addition to performing at the Super Bowl, starring in an autobiographical documentary on HBO, doing a voice over in the movie, “Epic” (how appropriate), and preparing to release new music, she has just sealed a $50 Million deal with Pepsi!!!

Besides the typical ad campaign, Pepsi will foot the bill for any creative projects BaddieBey’s heart desires.


This is not the first time BK has been to the Pepsi corral.

Let’s go back to her “Carmen: The Hip Hopera” days.

 She then made the gas attendant fall “Crazy In Love.”

And how could we forget Beyonce, Warrior Princess, opposite Britney Spears and Pink?!

Maybe this world is simply being replaced by a Beyonce-dominated society complete with sequin, bodysuits, and badass wigs. One can dream.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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