Growing Up (And Out) Is Hard To Do

Little Peacock First Day of Kindergarten

It has been over a year since I decided “Long Hair, Don’t Care” wasn’t for me. I’d been wearing long hair most of my life, and was afraid that short hair would look awful. I’m not a fan of fear. I walk right up to it and punch square in the face.

At the end of my cosmetology school stint last year, I decided a change was needed. I was in a different place in my life, and what better way to signify that change but with a haircut? Plus, with all of the frying and dying I did to my hair, it wasn’t hard to let go of my deceased tresses.

Fast forward a year and some change, and I’ve cut, colored, decolorized, and God knows what else to this hair, I am ready to start my descent back into longer hair. Fact is, as much as I adore my hair short, it grows obscenely fast, and is impossible to keep up. To maintain its cuteness, I need to get my hair cut once a week. It’s also the end of the year, and I am preparing for the woman I want to become in 2013 now in every aspect. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial. All of these are on the road to better.

So I begin my journey to growing out my hair, but I want to do it right this time. I’m going back to the basics.


When I was a kid, my mother kept my hair regimen very simple. She used Wildroot plus Mane and Tail to moisturize/style my hair. Wildroot is very lightweight, and doesn’t leave your hair sticky or greasy.

Now I know I’m not as young as I was in the above picture, and though hair color & hormones have waged war on me, I believe that going back to my roots [no pun intended] is critical in my success.

Sidenote: I died in hysteria while watching “Blades of Glory” when the came to the Mane and Tail scene. Yes, you can use it on your pets because it’s animal and human friendly.

Yes, that is also baby shampoo. They contain mild surfactants that rid your hair of dirt but do not strip it. The debate is, since adults use so many harsh chemicals in their hair, baby shampoo does not do an adequate job in cleansing the hair. That is exactly why I opted into using it. Like said, back to the basics with my hair. Plus it’s great for in between hair washes, as it doesn’t strip away all of the oils curly-haired people like myself are dying to get.

I am also going to work my ass off and stay clear of hair color for a little while. After my latest hair color binge (went from blond to red to brown in a 72 hour period), my hair is slightly stripped, and will probably need to get cut out over time to promote healthy hair. I adore hair color, so this is going to be a test of self-discipline.


I will keep you posted on the wins and woes of the grow out.

Short hair, you will be missed!!!


Merry Christmas Eve All!!!

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