For Auld Lang Syne: Alyssa Peacock’s Resolved Resolutions


Perhaps it is because I have an undying love of snarky sarcasm and unapologetic cynicism.

Perhaps this sarcasm and cynicism has molded me into a bit optimistic pessimist hiding under the guise of realism that believes if you want to do something, you will do it regardless of any impending change in dates or times.

Whatever the case may be, I have always looked down upon people that set these ridiculous goals to be the super human versions of themselves in the New Year. Why wait?

It wasn’t until I thought about “New Year’s Resolutions” that I was forced to take a cold, hard look at myself and question my outlook on the tradition. Extraordinary things have happened to me over the past year that I set into motion at the end of 2011. I moved into my own apartment, earned my Zumba certification (finally lol), developed the most amazing friendships, mended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend/best friend, launched my amazing blog that has almost 3,000 views in 2 months (thank you all so very much), laughed more, cried last, and stopped caring about what others thought of me & allowed my true self to shine. I saw my friends get married, have children, and even pass away. My, what the difference 12 months can make.

All of this came to pass because I “resolved” them to do so. I am a creature of change. I believe in it, I believe in its power, and I know, if you anticipate it, you can wield it to your will.

So how can I have so much animosity towards Resolutioners when I find myself apart of its clan? I may not have a list to check twice, but I do have goals in mind for the year to come.

In the literal sense, New Year’s represents an exit of one space of life and the entrance into another. It is a transition that transpires without any motivating act. You can do nothing to deter it besides die, and even then, time will go on. I suppose this is why so many people opt to do and be better. It’s like the hourglass has turned over and your time has been reset. Another chance in another time.

As an act of contrition, I have pooled just a few of my New Year’s Resolutions that I am steadfast and head strung on completing. It may be impossible to complete them all in 365 days, but I have to start somewhere.

Emotional Resolutions

Speak Less, Say More

Minimize drawn out statements. Make my words count.

Forgive Those Who Never Ask For Forgiveness

Waiting for an apology doesn’t hurt anyone but me. I don’t hold onto grudges, but I do hope that my offenders will realize the error of their ways and say I’m sorry. That may never happen. I will forgive them in advance for my own peace of mind.

Expect To Accept The Unexpected

Avail myself to opportunities I never imagined could occur. Expect the Unexpected.

Not Every Battle Is A War

This one will be the hardest for me. I should have been casted for The Great Debaters. Not every argument is worth my energy or concern.

Physical Resolutions (Judge Me Not)

Learn To Ride A Bicycle

Speak Portuguese

Learn To Roller Skate

Begin Scrap Booking


See you in 2013!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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