First Look: Prabal Gurung For Target


It speaks volumes about a designer when they are able to translate their eye for high design into mass market creations. Where chiffon, lace, & silk were at their disposal, they are forced to utilize lesser quality fabrics for execution. While some fail to attend, others rise to the occasion. Prabal Gurung stepped up and served.

Just in time for my 25th birthday (February 2nd, Aquarian Season!!!) and Valentine’s Day, this entire series has me saying to hell with taking a financial break, Mama needs some stuff!!!

“It was an exciting challenge to interpret my aesthetic into a mass-produced product, but the collection is true to my signature style,”

Said the designer of the collection available at Target February 10th. The inspiration is a “girl’s journey through the different stages of love” as expressed in the Meet The Parents & First Date prints.

Even the damn inspiration has forged an impossible smile of giddiness across this writer’s face. Think my friend, The Cheshire Cat.

Gurung has successful created a line that resonates with his gift for juxtaposing femininity with edginess as the pieces emanate with bold floral prints, flirty silhouettes, full skirts, fun shorts, mesh paneling details, and sexy yet sporty heels for days.

 “I like my collections to have femininity, with just a little bit of bite.” 

The pieces that I must snatch up include this First Date Printed Sweatshirt ($29.99) and Wedge Sandals ($29.99).



Also in view are the First Date Sleeveless Blouse ($26,99)  and Floral Crush print dress with full skirt ($49.99).



Top of the list are most definitely The Pintuck Dress ($49.99) and the Ankle-Strap Pumps ($39.99).



These offers are too good to pass up.  The price range is from $19.99 – $199.99 and will be available until March 23rd or while supplies last. Visit your local Target stores or online!!!

What will you be snatching up from the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration? Catch his exclusive interview with The Cut and see the entire collection below.

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Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


Photos Courtesy of Elle

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