Video: Season 3 Of Style Pointers




As promised, designer, stylist, & personal friend of Peacock Under Pressure, Princess Warren, has made her return with your guide to all things Winter Fabulous in Season 3 of Style Pointers!!!

From Kim& Kanye to Beyonce & Jay-Z, everyone is fly & hip to the leather trend!!! Get with it or forget it!!!!

Follow along as Princess helps you navigate the ins & outs of leather pants!!!

I am still on the hunt for a pair of my own. I already have a “bumping fatty”, so I’m halfway there!!! HAHAHA

Interested in a menswear aesthetic? Why not try a tuxedo jacket? Dress it up, dress it down, the possibilities are endless.

Love it. Guess I’ll add that to my list of things I need for my birthday (Birthday is February 2nd. Feel free to drop off a gift!!!)

Red lips, anyone? I steadfastly believe there is a red lipstick for everyone!!! If you’re afraid you’ll fail, let Princess give you the study tips to pass the test with flying colors!!! Plus, learn easy-to-follow application tips to prevent bleeding.

Can we talk about this for a moment? I have really large, luscious lips. At one point very, very long ago, I was afraid of red lipstick for fear I’d look like Oblina from Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters (Your childhood was whack if you’ve never experienced this show).


Long gone are those days, but I don’t always want to look like I’m trying to be extra glamorous with high gloss lipstick.  Sometimes subtle glamour will do. I have hunted high and low for a matte lipstick just for me. Princess’s choice is M-A-C’s “Ruby Woo” lipstick and my favorite is NYX’s “Monte Carlo”  Soft Matte Lip Cream. Matte is a great alternative look if you want to still be chic but casual. Always use a lip moisturizer first!!!

Keep it here for more from Style Pointers with PW available right here on Peacock Under Pressure!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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