Video: Style Pointers, “Leggings: Stop the NONSENSE”



Hey family!!!! I’m back. I had a wonderful whirlwind adventure this weekend taking in all D.C. had to offer for Inauguration!!! Though I was unable to capture Peacock quality photos of the madness, I can wrap it up by simply saying bottomless Mimosas, motion sickness intensified by food poisoning, Hookah, seeing Barack Obama sworn in for a second term, pulling a “It Happened One Night” move to catch a cab and a Biz Markie- DJ’d West Wing Inaugural Ball.  And though I was without internet access during this time, and forced to neglect you, I must say overall, it was a great four days.

To announce my return, here is the newest installment to Season 3 of “Style Pointers.” In this episode, Princess divulges her opinion on the untold rules of wearing leggings as pants.

ed. note. I am a woman with a really round, full booty. I love my butt. My grandmother says I came out of the womb with a butt, and I am compelled to agree. When I was a little girl, I hated wearing jeans because they were uncomfortable on my booty toot. God Bless my mother because I had every single color pair of “Stretchy Pants” (what I affectionately called them) and still have a love for them to this moment.

With that said, I do not fully agree with the tips of my opinionated friend. Personally, leggings were made with booty in mind. I am not ashamed of my booty, and wear it proudly like a badge of honor. So to put it plainly, yes, I am one of those women that wear short crop tops, sweaters, jackets, etc… with my leggings. I have a far larger gripe with the transparency of some leggings versus covering your butt in them. Take a moment and thoroughly examine your leggings. If you can see through them, then you really should have on a longer top to avoid being able to see your undergarments. Or you can do like me and double up. Doubling up leggings is a great idea if you have a little cellulite (if you have a little junk in the trunk, chances are you have or had). NO BIG DEAL!!! Double up your leggings to provide more coverage (no see-through situations), support your lower body (acts like Body Armour/Spanx), and you still look great because your body looks smooth.  And ladies please be advised: leggings and tights are not the synonymous. Tights are a thicker or textured version of panythose and not to be worn alone. Leggings are specifically designed to be worn as pants.

Thoughts on leggings?

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

6 thoughts on “Video: Style Pointers, “Leggings: Stop the NONSENSE”

  1. ladies please do not get it twisted! Peacock knows the proper undergarments to wear with leggings.. unfortunately the other 95 percent of the world does not. proper undergarments are very underestimated in the fashion world & will save you every time

  2. I LOVE leggings, but I do believe if you wear them with a shorter top they should be made of a thicker material and a darker color. Express makes leggings that are literally like pants (they throw pockets on them) and they look awesome, not to mention they feel amazing on!

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