Fly On The Wall: “By Thought, Word, & Deed”


Though this simple phrase of the Confiteor is very common to Christian practitioners in reverence to The Divine, this commitment also holds weight in the relationship department.

Guys, listen up, women recognize the general inability for many of you to become open vessels to your vulnerable, emotional soft spot. But we’re (including myself) are naturally prone to be vulnerable. Please note that I said “vulnerable” not “weak”. We take communication (and some of you may argue, HYPER-communication) very seriously. You call it nagging, we call it black and white methodology. No areas of gray allowed.

Women love men that are successful raconteurs. We thrive on guys who know how can balance between telling us nothing and telling us too much.

So you’ve been engaging in texts, tweets, and every other mode of communication with a certain young lady. You get the sneaking suspicion that she is as interested in you as you are in her. Set her soul on fire (in a good way) by dropping a simple “I miss you” or “I like you” text, but only if you mean it. Because, in addition to being passionate about communications, we are creatures of intuition. Whether you know it or not, women always know exactly what’s going on before you’ve said anything.

Also, don’t frequent the usage of these statements. Either she will believe you’re a liar, overly needy, done something wrong, or the sentiment will lose its luster. But when you find yourself thinking about her, use your words. Women enjoying knowing they aren’t exhausting their time and efforts on someone who sees them as expendable. It is insulting to not dare to put yourself out there once in a while.

And as confirmation that what I’m saying is true:

Moral Of The Story: If you think about her, use your words, and act upon it. “By Thought, Word, & Deed.”

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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