Bryan Boy Collaborates With Adrienne Landau On First Collection



Colorful blogger, Bryan Boy, has decided to partner with high-end furrier Adrienne Landau for his first design collection.

According to WWD,  the line will include an assortment of fur unisex accessories sure to appease the masses and infuriate a few PETA members.  Be prepared for pieces like the above violet fur scarf,  rex rabbit bow ties in blood red and a rex rabbit cowl in poppy yellow, just for starters. This collection seamlessly wreaks of both Landau’s creative genius and Bryan Boy’s sense of quirky couture.





Prices start at $38 for the rabbit fur bow ties. The collection will be available Fall 2013 on Adrienne Landau and Bryan Boy‘s website, as well as all Adrienne Landau retailers.

Will you be wearing Bryan Boy pieces?

Be Extraordinary-Alyssa Peacock



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