Justin Timberlake Double Feature: [Official] New Video, “Suit & Tie” Plus New Music, “Mirrors”


Want to know how the other side lives? You know the decadent, wealthy, able-to-transcend-time-and-travel-to-whichever-decade-they-because-they’ve-got-it-like-that? Request reviewed and approved. Justin Timberlake lets us peek into his music making lifestyle offset by an ultra smooth and sexy performance on what could easily be a stage in 1950s Miami. So many theatrical references that I hope don’t get lost in translation. Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack; Michael Jackson with the loafers and white socks; Gene Kelly and The “Singing In The Rain” sequence. Amazing.  And let’s have a moment for the style perfection. Bravo to the stylists!!! Oh yea, Jay-Z adds his own “swag” to the mix.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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