Product Review: Mary Kay Botanical Effects


 Women love, and I mean, LOVE makeup. We’re obsessed with discovering the latest eye makeup techniques, how thin or thick we should shape our eyebrows, and what color lipstick is best for making a statement with a pair of black hater-blocker shades (Firecracker Red, of course).

As any great painter would tell you, the best pictures are painted on the clean canvases. Ladies,  before applying your Foundation of choice, please be sure that your skin is as close to flawless as possible. Perhaps you have adult acne that you can’t get rid of or scars from popping a pimple or two (tisk tisk) that never seem to disappear. Mary Kay Botanical Effects s a product that can do everything but cure the common cold.

A simple regimen infused with the goodness of botanicals personalized to your skin type. Each formula is hypoallergenic – free of synthetic dyes or added fragrance, and suitable for sensitive skin.

 Botanical Effects has 4 simple steps that are available in 3 different formulas, catering the needs of dry, normal, or oily skin.

 Cleanser: Gently cleanses without stripping essential elements while helping to restore skin’s natural balance and leave it looking refreshed.

 Mask: Gently exfoliates as it improves skin’s texture. Formulated with personalized botanicals for your skin type and contains an antioxidant-rich botanical complex.

 Freshen: Nondrying formula that removes excess residue from kin, while improving your skin’s texture, leaving it with a soft, matte finish.

 Hydrate: Absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling hydrated and balanced.

 Mary Kay© Botanical Effects not only offers soothing skin care that works and produces results in 2 to 3 weeks of use, it also offers skin care on a budget! All 4 steps (which should be used collectively to produce the best results) cost $58, averaging $14.50 per bottle.

 For those who are very aware of the products you’re using and its safety for the environment, the goodness of Botanical Effects Skin Care starts with its packaging. Every tube sleeve contains 50 percent post-consumer resin material and feature lightweight caps that use one-third less plastic than traditional flip-top caps. The freshener bottle and all cartons are recyclable and made from 100 percent post-consumer content and are Forest Stewardship Council certified material.

 Try before you buy: Connect with Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Brittany Bethea, Today for your Free Skin Care Consultation where you’ll enjoy personalized advice for creating a customized skin care regimen that’s right for you.

Don’t live in the Tri-State area? That’s okay! The advances of technology provide available consultations over Skype and the phone!

 All Mary Kay© products are backed by the Mary Kay© Satisfaction Guarantee.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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