Runway To Real World: Cushnie Et Ochs Fall 2013

Cushnie Et Ochs-edit

It has been quite some time since I posted a R2R, so let’s get to it!!!!

Modest sexiness is the the word for Cushnie Et Ochs Fall 2013 collection. From fur jackets to V-neck shift dresses, the ladies conceived a collection sure to turn many a stylish head.

Voluminous a-line dresses and skirts provide an airy effect offset by boxy crop tops and turtlenecks.

Cushnie Et Ochs1 Cushnie Et Ochs2

Wide leg trousers in starch white and dead-of-night black paired with classic shirts and blazers provided a refreshing take on menswear.

Cushnie Et Ochs19 Cushnie Et Ochs4

 Carefully placed cutouts in the form of shift dresses provided a subtle amount of color to compliment the vast black and white palette.

Cushnie Et Ochs5 Cushnie Et Ochs6 Cushnie Et Ochs7 Cushnie Et Ochs8 Cushnie Et Ochs9 Cushnie Et Ochs10 Cushnie Et Ochs11

Texture played center stage as models traipsed down the runway in velvet, satin, leather and fur.

Cushnie Et Ochs20 Cushnie Et Ochs18 Cushnie Et Ochs28 Cushnie Et Ochs23 Cushnie Et Ochs25 Cushnie Et Ochs26 Cushnie Et Ochs3

Eye catching pieces fashioned out of fabrics digitally printed to look like the sun peering through a sea of tree limbs add an additional X factor to the classic creations.

Cushnie Et Ochs13 Cushnie Et Ochs12 Cushnie Et Ochs14

The designers’ predilections to craft designs with flawlessly clean lines makes the collection a piece of fashion week perfection.

Find yourself enamored by the Cushnie et Ochs Fall 2013 collection? Take a look at the Real World concept inspired by it.

Cushnie et Ochs Fall 2013
Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock 
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