Make A Difference!!! Help Epic Day See A Season 2!!!


The mission of Crizlassic Productions is to bring real stories to light in a creative and inspiring way. We seek to tell stories inspired by real life experiences, while also inspiring growth in everyday living. The “Epic Web Series” takes on real issues that our generation faces today.

The first season revolved around an awkward high school reunion that caused the characters to finally face each other and their problems after six years of seperation. We want Season 2 to give viewers a chance to dive deeper into each character’s individual stories while still exploring their intricate relationships.

It was through the efforts of Crizlassic Productions and the cast’s dedication to this project that Season 1 was able to be completed. However, we were limited in what we could do without a real budget. We have the personnel in place to continue to give the series the creative storytelling and appealing entertainment value that will keep fans engaged. We now just need the proper budget to take this series to new heights.

 Click here to find out how you can help this show’s future success!!! Let’s help one another be great!!!

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