Have You Heard? Nike Dunk Sky High “City Pack”


After Isabel Marant, sneakers as we know it will never be the same. At least not for pop a vein in my foot, I’m sweating (woo), will stay up until 5am to get my hands on a pair, heel loving addicts like myself. I could never style sneakers to my personal liking, and was finally compelled to throw in the towel. But alas, a spark to burn for an eternity  has been ignited in my bosom  (Academy for Best Leading Actress goes to…). As you know, my love affair with the Nike Dunk Sky Highs began right around the Holiday season a few months ago. My beloved boyfriend gifted me my first pair and I have not been the same Peacock since. Marant may be the architect, but Nike is the perfecter.

I have been salivating over this collection.  The Nike Dunk Sky High “City Pack” has to be the craziest coupling of awesomeness I have ever seen. In tribute to the five major international fashion weeks, Nike has designed each pair to resemble the air of the five metropolis cities. Every pair will be available in their specific city before the global launch March 27.

As a tribute to New York’s go-to “All Black Everything” style, this collectible, released Feb. 9, features a reptilian-print upper with black pony-hair panels and a patent leather Swoosh logo.

While New York went black-on-black, London (available Feb.16) was sent down the rebellious route with vibrant red plaid complemented by a green patent leather swoosh.


One of my favorite pairs, the Milan, is all about decadence and luxury. Crafted out of oxblood leather embossed a crocodile-embossed upper, honey, I am combing the sneaker underground for a pair in a size 10! The Milans will debut in Milan (ha!) this Friday, Feb. 23.

With its pale tweed-and-leather combo as the backdrop to a gold swoosh, the Paris are the latter pair that tug at my heartstrings. Keep an eye on the City of Lights March 2.

The final pair, the Tokyo, is as crazy, sexy, cool as its namesake as it boasts an iridescent swoosh and panels quietly offset by tan accents. Tokyo drift your way into a pair March 19.

All five pairs will make an international debut to select retailers globally March 27.

Which do you prefer?

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