To Trend Or Not To Trend? Box Braids & Yarn Wraps


As you know, I am on a quest of hair growth discovery. After wearing my hair chic, sleek and short, I am ready to dive back into long hair, but actually take care of it this time. Au revoir, mon cherie short hair.

I am woman enough to admit that the struggle is real. I want to do something different to it, and the monotony of wearing my hair the same, all day, every day, is killing me!!!! So I have decided that box braids would be a fun but proactive way of treating my needs. I can grow my hair under the safe protection of the style, but I also have a nice change of pace.

Quick history lesson: Box braids and the art of braiding are an African tradition that is said to date back all the way to the dawn of civilization. The first documented artifacts depicting braids trace back to 2630 B.C. This isn’t something new kiddies.

Box braids got their name because, well, they look like a sea on consecutive boxes woven into the hair. I have had box braids one time when I was 13, and though they were pretty, I am not of a patient nature.

12 years later, I may have changed my mind.

I’m torn. On one hand, I would totally be dope girl fresh in box braids, immortalized among the greats, past and present. The style has most recently found its way onto the heads of your favorite celebrities. Note: I threw in some classic pics of the best braid wearers to ever do it for fun:



Beyonce is reaching back to her roots. LOL


Gucci & RocNation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch - Arrivals


Tae Heckard








 On the other, I am the anti-trend. I try to avoid them like the plague, but they have been crawling into my life more frequently than I would prefer. Hidden wedge sneakers? Stiletto nails (though in my defense, I was wearing them long before they were a universal commodity)? Digitally printed sweatshirts and all things created out of leather? Dammit, I love it all.

That’s one thought. The other is this new but not so new style known as Yarn Braids. Crafted out of acrylic yarn, this style is fashioned out of the look of dreadlocks, but faux. Faux locks. Pro: Chic. Con: Very lengthy installment process, very, very trendy. Check out how they look in the video below:

Stay tuned Monday for my final result!!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Video Courtesy Of GranolaHeads2010.

Video Courtesy of KnottiKurls.

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