New Music: Ciara, “Body Party”



Ciara samples the ultimate summer jam anthem, “My Boo” on her new single, “Body Party.” Slowed down and made to be even more grind-worthy than the original (how is that possible?), Ciara may have a hit on her hands with this one.

Though I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate the dopeness of the Ghost Town DJ’s song upon its initial release, as a teen and adult, this song does wonders at barbecues, cook outs, block parties and all other summer activities. Yay Ciara!!!

And for added amusement, here’s the original. I am ready for the summer time!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

2 thoughts on “New Music: Ciara, “Body Party”

  1. This is the first time in a LONG time that I truly enjoyed a new r&b song! I feel like it has a 90’s vibe (which makes it great in my book)!

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