Lena Dunham Featured In Latest Issue Of Playboy Magazine


Lena Dunham, the “bare it all” creator and star of HBO’s hit TV series, “Girls”, exposes the nitty gritty truth about the show in the latest issue of Playboy. The sitcom, currently in its second season, follows Dunham’s character, Hannah, and her 20-something friends as they navigate life and relationships.

Of the binary expectations involved in the typicalities of the male/female roles:

“I never chalk up anything to the gender divide and say, “Well, that’s just a male thing.” I hate the conventional wisdom that men are supposedly complete pieces of shit and it’s our job as women to put up with them. Men are just as sensitive and easily victimized as women are, but there’s not as much of an infrastructure for expressing it. That drives me nuts. We’re all humans and doing human stuff. We’d have a better world if everyone had someone they could pay for talk therapy.”

Learning about sex:

“I think I was five. A girl at school explained it to me. I didn’t believe her because it seemed so barbaric, so I went home and asked my parents if it was true. They sat down together and explained sex to me. My parents were sensitive. They said, ‘Your dad and I did this so that you could get made.’ They gave me the male and female perspective. That was the traumatic part. I remember thinking, I don’t want to learn this, and I definitely don’t want to learn this looking at the faces of both of you. I wish one of them had taken the job and come into my bedroom alone. But I asked. It was because Amanda DiLauro told me, so it was really her fault.”

On “catching feelings” post coital activities:

“What an interesting question. I’m the worst. I could hate somebody and then if I slept with them once, I’d be planning our wedding in my head. Even though I knew they weren’t fit to shine my shoes, I just couldn’t separate those two acts very well. And yet, I know people who have been sleeping with each other for years who aren’t anywhere near dating, and I know people who have had sex with someone once and rent the U-Haul van to move in. Millennial men and women could stand to know that not everyone wants just casual affairs, even though there’s a lot of pressure to have sex and not care—and when you’re a woman it’s supposed to be a triumph when you can do that. I try to never push that methodology on Girls. I believe people want to be connected in an intense human way, but it’s getting lost in the shuffle. So there’s no rule, but most of my girlfriends start to get squirrelly about it and wonder what’s going on 10 dates in.”

Read the entire interview here.

Do any of you watch “Girls”? If so, I would love to know what you think!!!! The show, in my humble opinion, is so raw and very, very ballsy (pardon my expression but there’s no other way to explain it). I love it.


Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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