Runway To Real World: Spring 2013 Trend Forecast- Monochrome Couture


If floral prints and eastern influenced styles are too difficult a burden to bear, maybe a singularly hued outfit will do?

There is no wrong way to create a monochromatic look*. You can exact color match or opt for shades of the same tone (for the sake of this post, we’ll stick to identical color). Gucci, Fendi and Carolina Herrera took chances with one tone ensembles, disregarding the ethos that “matchy matchy” is tacky.



Go for the gold in bold tangerine looks and cobalt blue sets,


or play it daring in 50 Shades of Black a la Saint Laurent.


If the bold and the bright is not your cup of tea, nudes are a cool yet casual direction that is perfect for every age.


*Peacock Rule Of Thumb: If not thoughtfully executed, a monochromatic outfit can appear matronly and flat out boring. This trend is a great opportunity to incorporate different textures like lace and leather, or complementing prints found in your accessories. Try contrasting lengths in the form of hip-length blazers and shorts. Be uninhibited and step outside of your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless. Take a leap of faith.

Since creating a monochromatic outfit isn’t particularly rocket science, I decided to have a bit of dress up fun with the items below. As usual, they are completely affordable and will slay the styleless dragons.

Spring 2013- Monochrome Everything

Next Time, Enraged By The Cage.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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