New Music: Emeli Sande, “Crazy In Love”



Accompanied by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, Emeli Sandé puts her own touches on Beyonce’s, “Crazy In Love” for The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Your inner flapper will soar as you swing to this metamorphosed hit. What a splendid way of making modern musicality classic.

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New Music: J.Cole, “Cole Summer”



Mr. Jermaine Cole is fired up and ready to turn the warm weather up with his new album, Born Sinner. 

The latest single, “Cole Summer”, is in true J. Cole form: talking about where he’s been, where he is, where he is going, and pays homage to De’licious D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill with the “Nothing Even Matters” sample.

A look alike to Cole’s mother, Kaye, is highlighted in black and white walking towards a USPS truck with a floating, gold, hand drawn crown. Curious imagery.

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Beyonce Vogue India May 2013 Cover


If you’re expecting coverage of Beyonce’s media takeover to end anytime soon, you might as well turn off your television, cancel your cell phone contract and move to Amish country. And even then, you may hear an occasionally “uh oh.”

Beyonce is owning Vogue cover after Vogue cover, this time landing on Vogue India’s May 2013 glossy, using outtakes from her Vogue Power Issue photo shoot back in March.

I’ve stopped keeping track of all the things Beyonce has done since the year started. Now can we get an official release of “Grown Woman” or “Standing On The Sun” please? Need them for my Zumba class. Thanks.

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New Music: Chris Brown, “I Can’t Win”


Releasing new music to announce a new album? I like.

Monday night, Chris Brown dropped the brand new single, “I Can’t Win” not to be included on his forth anticipated new album, X.

With a dash of autotune added to the confessional song, Chris professes his concerns to the lady in his life that he craves for the love they once had. Alyssa is not going to read into. No ma’am.

X, in stores July 16.

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New Video: Mariah Carey & Miguel, “Beautiful” Teaser



You know what? This isn’t even fair. With the vocal abilities of Mariah, Queen Butterfly of the Unicorn Isles, and the sexy crooning of Miguel, this just does not seem like even musical ground. Is there a FCC agency for music? Somebody must put a stop to this lol

Mariah Carey and Miguel combine their otherworldly talents to generate just a little hint at what’s to come from the video for the unreleased single, “Beautiful.” Mariah is feeling herself (literally) as she kicks off her Louboutins saddled up on a motorcycle while Miguel looks gleefully on. My soul is telling me another “The Emancipation of Mimi” is on the horizon.

The video for the track is reportedly already ready to go, and will be released May 6.

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Nicolas Ghesquière Breaks Silence About Departure From Balenciaga

Nicolas Ghesquière-Breaks-Silence-Balenciaga

If you’ve noticed, I avoid negative commentary and press on Peacock Under Pressure because there’s enough negative energy in the world without me adding to it. But with his departure, then complete silence of his resignation from Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière  has finally come forth to explain.

This is a perfect example of choosing what is best for you over the glamorous spectacle of what it is you do. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

In an interview with System magazine, Nicolas Ghesquière discusses his seemingly abrupt decision to step down from his coveted position at Balenciaga as creative director after 15 years of service. The creative mind behind some of Balenciaga’s most successful pieces of late felt like he was being “sucked dry” by the business aspect and disregarded in for his unique designs.

When was the first time you felt your ambitions for the house were no longer compatible with Balenciaga’s management?

“It was all the time, but especially over the last two or three years it became one frustration after another. It was really that lack of culture which bothered me in the end. The strongest pieces that we made for the catwalk got ignored by the business people. They forgot that in order to get to that easily sellable biker jacket, it had to go via a technically mastered piece that had been shown on the catwalk. I started to become unhappy when I realised that there was no esteem, interest, or recognition for the research that I’d done; they only cared about what the merchandisable result would look like. This accelerated desire meant they ignored the fact that all the pieces that remain the most popular today are from collections we made ten years ago. They have become classics and will carry on being so. Although the catwalk was extremely rich in ideas and products, there was no follow-up merchandising. With just one jacket we could have triggered whole commercial strategies. It’s what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do everything. I was switching between the designs for the catwalk and the merchandisable pieces – I became Mr Merchandiser. There was never a merchandiser at Balenciaga, which I regret terribly.”

Did you never go to the top of the group and ask for the support you needed?

“Yes, endlessly! But they didn’t understand. More than anything else, you need people who understand fashion. There are people I’ve worked with who have never understood how fashion works. They keep saying they love fashion, yet they’ve never actually grasped that this isn’t yoghurt or a piece of furniture – products in the purest sense of the term. They just don’t understand the process at all, and so now they’re transforming it into something much more reproducible and flat.”

What’s the alternative to this?

“You need to have the right people around you: people who adore the luxury domain. There has to be a vision, but there also has to be a partner, a duo, someone to help you carry it. I haven’t lost hope!”

At what point into the job at Balenciaga did you realise you needed to wise up to the business side of the brand?

 “Straight away. It’s part of being a creative because the vision you have ends up in the stores. It actually makes me smile today when I think about it because it was me who had to invent the concept of being commercial at Balenciaga. Right from the start I wanted it to be commercial, but the first group who owned the house didn’t have the first notion of commerce; there was no production team. There was nothing.”


In spite of the increasingly stifling conditions you felt you were operating in, were you nonetheless scared by the prospect of leaving Balenciaga?

 “I just said to myself, ‘Okay, well you have to leave, you have to cut the cord.’ But I didn’t say anything to anyone, apart from to a few very close people, because, you know, I’ve become pretty good at standing on my own two feet.”

Once you’d decided enough was enough and you made your intentions clear, was management surprised that you wanted to leave?

“Yes. I think so, because I’d shown my ambitions for the house. There’d been lots of discussions, of course, and there were clearly some differences, but that sort of decision doesn’t just come out of nowhere. I’d been thinking a lot too. I was having trouble sleeping at one point. [Laughs] But there’s usually something keeping me awake.”

Did you ever think about making a personal announcement?

“No, I never wanted to express myself like that. I don’t know how to do that.”

What’s the most exciting thing about this period of time for you?

“Preparing for the next chapter and having the time to observe what’s going on in the industry. People could have forever associated me with Balenciaga. We saw clearly when the split took place that there was a desire for my name, so I disassociated myself naturally from the house. That could have been a risk. It would have been different if Balenciaga had disassociated itself from me, but people had seen me develop my signature and knew that it might happen. That’s exciting because whatever choice I make, the possibilities are open, and that was confirmed with the freeing of my name from Balenciaga. I’d made so much effort and been such a good obedient kid in associating myself… Now I can imagine a whole new vocabulary. I’m regenerating again, and that’s very exciting because it’s a feeling I haven’t had since I was in my twenties.”

Read more of the interview at Business of Fashion.

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[Business of Fashion]

New Video: Sean Kingston Feat. Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, “Beat It”


Need a Monday pick me up? Try this summer ready single, “Beat It” from Sean Kingston featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa.

The song appears on Kingston’s album “Back 2 Life” coming out later this year.

You can’t deny the bopping capabilities of this song. I definitely cannot wait for all of the many summer festivities!!!

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First Look: Keira Knightly As Coco Chanel In “Once Upon a Time…” (Teaser)


English actress Keira Knightly stars in the Karl Lagerfeld directed short film, “Once Upon A Time…” Knightly plays famed designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in a celebratory short of her first  boutique opening in the French town of Deauville, the central point of the film.

Classic black and white filters add a timeless appropriateness to the storyline as the the face of the luxury label’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume is shown with French actress Clotilde Hesme, who plays Coco’s aunt Adrienne.

The first screening will be May 8 in Singapore to coincide with the debut of the Chanel showroom 100 years ago.

The movie will be available for viewership on the fashion house’s website.

Watch the teaser over at Vogue.

Check out stills from the film and real life photos outside of Chanel’s Deauville boutique below:

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Photos Courtesy of WWD.