Beyonce To Drop Special Announcement 4.4.2013

  Please note: I am not trying to turn this site into the precursor to “The Mrs. Carter Show”, but who is doing more than Beyonce right now? Plus, I know my Peacocks and Peahens want the tea and I try to deliver as fast as I can. Beyonce just dropped this cryptic teaser-explaining nothing, sharing nothing-merely dressed in all black (like the Omen) with … Continue reading Beyonce To Drop Special Announcement 4.4.2013

Jill Scott Ebony Magazine May 2013 Cover

Jill Scott covers Ebony Magazine’s April 2013 Cover with three-year old Jett. How lovely does Ms. Scott look? More importantly, is Sir Jett not the cutest thing ever? *reminds ovaries that we have no time for children right now* Jill tells the publication on maintaining her “sexy”: The way I see things, I think that’s sexy. The way I think and the way I pray, I … Continue reading Jill Scott Ebony Magazine May 2013 Cover

New Video: Cassie, “Numb”

Cassie dropped the visuals for the her long (cannot stress enough, looooong) awaited first single, “Numb” from her new mixtape, #RockaByeBaby. In a Hello Kitty for Forever 21 Black and White Printed Jacket from the collaborative capsule collection, Cassie struts up and down the the Hollywood Walk of Fame helping you understand that her music will “numb” your troubles or something like that. *sigh* I’m going to … Continue reading New Video: Cassie, “Numb”