Beyonce To Drop Special Announcement 4.4.2013



Please note: I am not trying to turn this site into the precursor to “The Mrs. Carter Show”, but who is doing more than Beyonce right now? Plus, I know my Peacocks and Peahens want the tea and I try to deliver as fast as I can.

Beyonce just dropped this cryptic teaser-explaining nothing, sharing nothing-merely dressed in all black (like the Omen) with her Single Ladies hand accoutrement in tow with the following:




I, Alyssa “Peacock” Manners, have no idea what sort of dope madness Beyonce is about to unleash, but I have a feeling at some juncture in time, “Lawd Jesus, it’s a fire” will come flying out of my mouth. Perhaps the official debut of “Bow Down/I Been On”? One can hope.

Check the memo below:

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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