Stuart Weitzman Designs Beyonce’s Tour Footwear


If you find a formula that works, why change it? That’s Beyonce’ s logic as she contracts shoe designer Stuart Weitzman once more for the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” which kicks off today in Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to her custom creations from the gentlemen of DSquared2, Beyonce’s little piggies will be adorned in bejeweled pumps, metal-detailed ankle boots and military-inspired thigh high grazers. The  American designer collaborated with the singer’s stylist team Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith, and mother, Tina Knowles to create the looks for the show.

Weitzman, who has worked with Beyonce on her last two tours plus uncountable special appearances over the past six years knows exactly what the megastar needs when it comes to her shoes. For Beyonce, he entails to People, her heels include special rubberized soles

“of a special width for her to dance on so she’s not slippin’ and slidin’ around”

and are lined with extra layers of padding.

Pain is not a gain for Mrs. Carter-Knowles, as Weitzman continues, who insists that she feel no pain as she twerks, jerks, drops and “uh ohs” across the stage:

“She really is interested in the way the shoe feels on her foot. She absolutely has the impression of not being willing to suffer, no matter how the shoe looks on her foot. What Beyoncé specifically pays attention to is being able to [wear the shoes] without noticing they’re on her feet,” he says. “She doesn’t want her feet to burn, so we can’t have too thin of a sole, but [she asks for] the build-up inside the shoe so it doesn’t look too heavy. The public doesn’t see or think about that, but Beyoncé does.”

Guess Baddiebey will be punching in another 1,000 miles in her Weitzmans.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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