Just A Thought: Is The “Number” Game Still Worth Playing?


The number game.

The awkward conversation between two members of a relationship regarding the tally marks notched into their belts.

The oh-so-scary realization that the person you are infatuated with was with someone (or “ones”) before you. Yes, your man had someone’s sugar poured on them, and your lady’s milkshake definitely brought all the boys to the yard. In high school, being seen with a number of guys or gals at any given point was grounds for rumors to swirl about your number. But after you are out of your teens, and sex is less foreign or taboo,  does the number game really matter?

Besides the higher chances of infecting someone with some strand of a nasty STD, and the increased likely for men to develop prostate cancer due to number of bed mates, does it really make a difference?

Now hear me out before you go all Frankenstein on me.

Everyone has a ballpark standard of what they consider to be “too high.” For you, it may be 10. For your friend, it may be 30. The parameters vary from person to person. If your partner has more than your limit, is that grounds for breaking up? Is that person no longer a viable contender for your heart, even if they meet your other pre-reqs?

What about insecurities? Being with someone who has significant amounts more experience than you can make you feel a bit inadequate. Hell, it can make it feel like there’s nothing new for you to bring to the table. Nobody wants to feel like yesterday’s news. The been there, down that type.

And let’s go back to the health factor. Who doesn’t stigmatize someone with a vast sexual resume as junkyard genitals? You go in there and never know what you’ll come out with.

Lest we forget the “she’s a slut, she’s a whore, she’s a freak” stereotype. Not interested in that conversation today.

It’s so bad that movies even poke fun. Women are told that there numbers dictate the likelihood of getting married. That, in a world consisting of over 7 billion people, having a physical connection with 20+ people significantly lowers the chances of marriage. No man wants a “used” woman right?

Women are said to underestimate while men overestimate, so the truth gets foggy and wires get crossed. Can’t we just skip all of that and enjoy each other now?

So really, what does knowing his/her number mean these days? Is there any good that can come from it?

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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