Runway To Real World: Spring 2013 Trend “Stripe” Me Down


If you’re looking for a spin on patriotism, ditch the stars and go head first into stripes!!! Vertical, diagonal, horizontal, zigzag, the possibilities are endless.

If stripes put the fear of God in your heart, complement with a solid counter piece. But, if you are an extremist, go for audacious and add an eastern pattern for contrasting appeal to the bars garment of your choosing.

If you find yourself with the unfortunate pleasure of being an attendee at a Spring or Summer wedding, bet on a striped gown like Oscar de la Renta and Etro.



Mixed stripe prints? Yes, please. Take a page from the book of Michael Kors.


Checkers and stripes? Why not? The unification of the two typically opposing designs is a chic way of adding dimension. Keep these geometric prints the same size for optimum symmetry and minimal bulk. If not careful, varying prints can be visually overbearing. Follow Marc Jacobs and Balmain’s lead.



Peacock Rule Of Thumb: Stripes follow the same rules as all of the other prints and trends previously mentioned. Cut, shape, tailoring. The most important note about stripes is stripe placement. If you are busty, horizontal stripes are not your friend. Likewise, if you have a little junk in the trunk, avoid horizontals like your life depends on it. Horizontal stripes will create the illusion of wideness. Leave the left to right direction to those with a smaller chest or derriere. Verticals are friendly for everyone. They make you look longer and leaner. Plus they downplay your bootylicious or vast boobage.

Feel free to take a cue from the Jean Paul Gaultier runway we were “inspired” by here.

"Stripe" Me Down

Next Time, Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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