Runway To Real World: Spring 2013 Trend- Shine Bright Like A Light Bulb


I have serious opposition with this trend. Unlike my fellow New Jerseyans and New Yorkers, I believe in color year round, and will rebel against the laws of style. I rock a mean case of all black eeerrrrthing in 90 degrees and do a pancake flip with cerulean blues, hot pink and yellow in January. Setting aside a group of colors because of climate is so silly to me.

However, it’s pretty impossible to disregard the sudden sprout of color seen sprinkling the concrete jungle when the climate permanently sticks to above 70 degrees. Sheesh Mother Nature, who pissed you off? Tell me and I’ll make it my life’s mission to seek revenge. Just please, no more 50 degree days. Bi-polar weather is not hot ever.

Anyhoot, I love florescent tones for the Spring. They smack the tradition of Spring colors across the face just to turn around and soothe the sting.

By far, my favorite inclusion of highlighter neons are when they’re balanced by neutral colors like white, black and gray. Rag and Bone’s splattering of highlighter green is the perfect touch to an otherwise all white outfit.


Have fun with color. Take a bright color and add another bright color and possibly another for a show stopping ensemble for the masses. Take notes kiddies in these Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg runway looks.



Or raise the stakes like Derek Lam in a monotone style uplifted by brightly colored accents.


Peacock Rule Of Thumb: When socking ordinary in the face with neon pairings, it’s best to keep in mind the silhouette. It is visually disrespectful to have crazy shapes adhered to flashy hues. Please, don’t do it to yourself. Let the color speak for itself with classic forms like a sheath, shift or billowy pant (with a fitted top of course). Likewise when it comes to your makeup. Try not to go the matchy route with an eyeshadow or lip identical to your neon preference. Makeup should be fresh, clean and ere on the side of minimalism. Sometimes honey, less is more.

Alas we have reached the end of  Spring “Runway to Real World”, but don’t fret. There’s a lot more R2R in store!!!

Shine Bright Like A Light Bulb

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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