Featured Artist Wednesdays: Get To Know J. Prophet


It’s May 1, so you know what that means?! The first inclusion in our Featured Artist Wednesday segment brought to you by songwriter/lyricist, J. Prophet.

The Mt. Vernon resident rapper delivers a unique blend of  “Jesus-oriented message of love and freedom into jazz inspired, soul-infused and gospel-informed hip-hop.” The religiously and socially conscious microphone checker, who has shared the stage with Lupe Fiasco, picks up the mantel where his predecessors left off, adding his own edge with a level of modernity and musical relatability to a courageous statement of higher purpose.

Prophet’s rhythm and rhymes serve to assist in the creation of faith in the hearts of inner-city youth.  When it comes to the flesh of his music, the lyrics, the content is deeply rooted in “his beliefs but he’s also building with projects related to his community of belief.”

The Yale University graduate is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity while simultaneously pursuing his dreams of elevating others to a  faith driven life.

Check out J.Prophet’s “I Got Bread” EP dropping today!!!


Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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