First Look: Alber Elbaz For Lancôme Collection


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then why not have yours dressed in high fashion?

Lanvin’s Creative Director Alber Elbaz has finally released the first looks of his Lancôme Collection, in stores June 15.

 “I spend my time backstage at the Lanvin shows, and when I come out at the end, all I see are people’s eyes,”

Elbaz tells


The collection pays full attention to the eyes, but why do you ask?

“Eyes are the new fashion accessory. People are obsessed with eye makeup. It’s the most complicated, and it’s the one thing that really can transform you the most. For lipsticks, if you like pinks, you’ll always wear pinks, and if you like foundation, you’ll always wear the foundation you love. But the eye, if you work on your brows, the eyeliner, the mascara—you can truly transform yourself, in the good sense of the term. For me, there is a kind of superficiality in lipstick. I’m sorry to say that. It’s like having a fashion accessory that you will have and then put away. The eye is there to last. It’s also a symbol of authenticity. People say the mirror of the soul is the eyes. I think eyes are really deep. I remember once being in a very fancy place for vacation one weekend with this group of people—their watches were shining, their nails were shining, their hair was shining, their skin and clothes were shining, and their cars were more than shining. But their eyes did not shine. I understood they were not happy. I think that this project is somehow like ‘happy eyes.'”

Instead of imagining new hues and tints, the collection “dressed and restyled” the packaging of the brand’s classic palettes and mascaras. Star, Doll, Drama and Definicils presentations take Lancôme’s iconic mascara names and redefine them with fun images scrolled across mascara tubes and shadow cases and come complete with a set of faux eye lashes.

Additionally, Lancôme will debut a short film June 3 for the amalgamation created by Alber himself. Check out the teaser previously posted here and below.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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