First Look: Rihanna’s “777 Tour” Documentary Special (Full Length)


While some of us were enamored by the majesty of the Met Gala last night, Fox aired the “777 Tour” Documentary Special, a behind-the-scenes look into Bad Gal Riri‘s  now infamous international tour.

Oh the “777 Tour.” What was supposed to be an exclusive glimpse into Rihanna’s touring habits became a journalist’s nightmare.  Last November, a group of chosen writers and fans, affectionately called “#Rihanna150,” were summoned to participate in a journey with Rihanna as she performed in 7 shows in 7 countries over the course of 7 days in celebration of her seventh studio album on a 777 jet. Let’s just say many were less than pleased with the end result.

If you still wish you were one of the chosen few saddled up thousands of feet above the ground, cozy on up and enjoy as  I would love one of those swag bags!!! I can’t imagine having to be high octane seven days straight. That’s rough.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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