Mary Katrantzou Plans To Take Talents Into Interior Design


Mary Katrantzou, the lady behind some of the most amazing digital prints and art deco silhouettes of the time, may be veering into the leather goods and interior design lanes.

With the success of her collaboration with denim brand Current/Elliott and the launch of her e-commerce site coming in a matter of weeks, the sky’s the limit for the Greek-born designer.

Katrantzou is also gearing up to debut her pre-Spring/Summer 2014 collection next month, and with all of her well-deserved success, is looking to help others on her journey.

“Had this season not gone well, we wouldn’t be able to recruit, and our staff would be more overworked, and they would leave,” she explained. “So that risk always scares you. [I ask myself], am I presenting something that’s new, that will excite people? You doubt your longevity.”

I cannot wait for the many things in store. I wonder whether she’ll incorporate prints into her leather and interior lines or take a totally new approach. Either way, it’s sure to be fabulous.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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