Peacock Or Not? Rihanna For River Island Summer 2013 Collection


If you were like some of us not too crazy about Rihanna’s debut collection with UK’s high street retailer, River Island, perhaps the latest proclivities may entice you to swipe your card.

Much like her first bout with fashion designing, you can expect to see a hefty amount of ’90s inspired looks, feeding Rihanna’s fashionable taste of late.

Every variety of cropped top, short shorts, and jumpsuits are on display which we’re sure Bad Gal Riri where be adorned in on more than one occasion.

rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-12 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-9 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-3



High cut one piece bathing suits and ruffle bikinis are exactly what the doctor ordered for those of us in a “Swimming Pools” state of mind. Plus the pop princess’s own love of the sexy, on trend ankle strap sandals come readily available for those who dare. (I have about 7 pairs myself. Love them!!!)

rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-6 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-5



rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-8 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-7

The collection wouldn’t be complete without Riri’s closet mainstays: All things fishnet and sheer. Fishnet halter tops and maxi skirts are on call for the bold hearted, while the rest of us may dare the looks as beach and pool cover ups. Chic sheer tops are perfect for the heat, especially for those of us trekking in and out of Manhattan this summer. Chambray and floral print denim jackets are ideal for summer nights that ring with the feeling of Spring.

rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-24 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-23 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-16 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-15

rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-10 rihanna-for-river-island-summer-2013-collection-22

Overall, this collection is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Though some of the looks from the first collection have made a repeat appearance, this collection is far more wearable and appear to have significant consideration implemented. Hopefully as this partnership continues, we’ll see even more growth for Rihanna. Who knows, she may mark her path as the next Victoria Beckham. We’ll see.

The collection will be available on River Island’s website and in store May 25.

What do you think?

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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