New Video: Ke$ha Feat. Will.I.Am., “Crazy Kids”


Wooooooo!!!! If we’re Instagram buds (please see the right of your screen to follow my whacky word in pictures), then you know I am still recovering from last night’s late outings for J. Cole’s interview with Elliott Wilson as he gets his media blitzing on for his highly, highly, highly anticipated new album, Born Sinner. Cole was incredibly humble but honest and direct about where he has come from with his music, getting signed by (and actually knowing) Jay-Z and how he feels he measures up against rap’s heavy weights like his mentor and mentor’s bestie, Kanye West, who will also drop his album, Yesus, June 18. 

I left my damn camera home, and my “smartphone” was acting shot out stupid last night, so feel free to mosey on over to friend of Peacock Under Pressure, The Coveted K, for more details of the evening. 

(BTW, I think J. Cole is so the bee’s knees. Brilliant Aquarian mind that young man has.)

But that’s not what you’re here for, now is it? 

Ke$ha signs, seals and delivers ghetto fabulous fused with trailer trash life to her video, “Crazy Kids.” I mean every length of gold chain, “hater blocker” sunglasses, gold teeth, cornrows straight to the back, purposelessly long nails, guys getting their P90x-con workout on while cars bounce on hydraulics. And that’s only the first 43 seconds.  

But before you get your 40s in a tizzy, the new and approved dollar sign singer halts your judgment with old Hollywood hair and gold fringe bustiers. Yes girl. Yes. Love the upgraded version of her personal aesthetic.

Will.I.Am. beams his “Wizard of Oz” like face onto an old astronaut suit accompanied by two (or one woman double shot to look like two? idk) ladies in waiting.

It’s fun and foolishness for Ke$ha, and frankly, I couldn’t want more. 

“Crazy Kids” is available on Ke$sha’s new album, Warrior, in stores now.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock



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