New Music: Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce, “Part II (On the Run)” AND “Tom Ford”


What a high speed week this has been!!! Between Independence Day and Jay-Z releasing Magna Carta Holy Grail, the week has just flown right on by!!!

Two fan favorites to emerge (thus far) is the Beyonce adorned “Part II (On The Run)” and the fashionably inclined “Tom Ford.”

The former is a sequel of sorts to the couple’s “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” when stans first fell in love with the dynamic duo. 10 years later, they are one of the most successful couples in the entertainment industry. Basically, anything they touch turns to gold. They definitely have the Midas touch.

The husband and wife tag team are still on the run, vowing to have one another’s back just as they did all those many years ago.

Beyonce waxes on,

“I don’t care if you on the run
Baby as long as I’m next to you
And if loving you is a crime
Tell me why do I bring out
The best in you

I hear sirens while we make love
Loud as hell but they don’t know
They’re nowhere near us
I will hold your heart and your gun
I don’t care if they come, noooo
I know it’s crazy but

They can take me
Now that I found the places that you take me
Without you I got nothing to lose”

as her beloved commits to their unified front:

“Boy meets girl, girl perfect women
Girl get the bustin’ before the cops come running
Chunking deuces, chugging D’USSE
Fuck what you say, boys in blue say

Deeper then words, beyond right

Die for your love, beyond life
Sweet as a Jesus piece, beyond ice
Blind me baby with your neon lights
Ray Bans on, police in sight
Oh, what a beautiful death
Let’s both wear white
If you go to heaven and they bring me to hell
Just sneak out and meet me, bring me a box of L’s
She fell in love with the bad guy, the bad guy
What you doing with them rap guys, them rap guys
They ain’t see potential in me girl, but you see it
If it’s you and me against the world, then so be it”

The song has this really great ’90s, Aaliyah-Tupac vibe to it that people that were and weren’t around for the era can equally enjoy. I heart them.

I strongly encourage checking out Rap Genius’ breakdown of the song. There are some amazing double and triple entendres afoot. My favorite is definitely the “boy meets girl, girl perfect women.” Curious play on words.

Is Jay-Z following suit with Justin Timberlake? It appears so as the “Suit & Tie” alum both have a propensity for Tom Ford, each has referencing the American designer on their new musical endeavors.

Tom Ford supplied the suit for JT’s cover of single Suit and Tie while Mr. Shawn Carter dedicated an entire song to the fashionable gent. For Carter, Tom Ford is the Alpha and Omega of “clean style.”

Coming up, coming down
Riding clean fix your hair in my Crown
Bad bitch, H town
Keep it trill, y’all know y’all can’t fuck around

I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford
International bring back the Concorde
Numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

Lyrics Courtesy of Rap Genius

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