New Video: Willow Smith, “Summer Fling”


Ummmm, I am going to skip the fact she is 12 years old, and get right to the art.

With an English accent intro, the youngest of the Smith clan provides a fun summertime jammer, “Summer Fling.” Willow chronicles her favorite activities with her special warm weather beau while donning a blond wig in the Kesha/Rihanna-like visuals.

“The Bright Sun And The Blue Water… 
We Fight Less And Love Harder… 
You Tell Me That I’m The One… 
I Tell You It’s Just For Fun… 
We Walk The Beach At Midnight… 
And Watch The Stars In The Clear Skies… 
We Both Say I Love You… 
But it’s Alright…”

“I write you a song, you play your guitar 
You and me, both sing along and hold hands for too long. 
If you wanna talk I guess that’s alright, If you wanna walk under the night 
sky, I don’t really care cause we got tonight oh baby…”

The song reminds me a great deal of “Diamonds.” Like it’s the missing track from Unapologetic.  Guess I am dealing in comparative typicalities, but it’s hard not to do so.

Brother Jaden makes a special appearance as well. Overall, a very fun song indeed.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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