Tyra Banks Invests In New Website Venture


The perpetual mogul model that is Lady Tyra Banks of Inglewood has just become an investment partner in fashion website, TheHunt.com. Through her company, Fierce Capital, Banks has provided financial backing for the website which aims to find pieces previously seen in photographs on the site or via social networks through a community driven platform. Members help members spot the items and divulge where to purchase.

Other celebrity investors Ashton Kutcher and Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary.

Banks told WWD of the venture,

“I created Fierce Capital LLC because supporting female owned, led and targeted businesses is extremely important to me. We are excited about The Hunt, our first fashion investment, because it truly sucks to discover a great style item but not be able to find and buy it. The Hunt solves that fashion dilemma in a fun and innovative way…What I love about The Hunt is that women help other women find their perfect outfit [head-to-toe]. I am excited to be part of this new approach to collective retail and styling.”

Join the site, and receive your own expert at hunting new BFF!!! (Their words)

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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