Nas partners with Grungy Gentleman for HSTRY line

Nas Introduces Streetwear Line “HSTRY”

Nas-Hstry-Clothing Line-Peacock-Under-Pressure

 Another day, another dollar sure to make you holla. That is, if you’re Mr. Nasir Jones. Nas has announced the premiere of his new clothing line, HSTRY, available for purchase next Thursday, August 1.The illmatic lyricist will release a 33 piece men’s clothing collection in association with Jace Lipstein and his design brand, Grungy Gentlemen.

The entire amassment, which includes peacoats, vests, ski masks and the likes, are 100% American made. There are lots of mixed print details incorporated into the looks. Neoprene, quilted leather accents, fleece and flannel run rampant upon the designs for the sophisticate urbanite with a “tougher, edgier” sense of style as oxblood, black, white and gray combinations create an heir of power and authority in each ware.


Nas-HSTRY-Grungy-Gentleman-Collection-Peacock-Under-Pressure-13 Nas-HSTRY-Grungy-Gentleman-Collection-Peacock-Under-Pressure-10

It’s all about versatility for Lipstein as he details the inspiration behind the creations:

“We wanted to make clothes that guys can wear comfortably but that are superfresh with some kick…It’s streetwear meets high fashion.” 


The duo have already begun the production process for Spring, which is said to include the essentials: pants, shorts, T-shirts, jerseys and backpacks as new additions to the HSTRY brand.

The debut congeries will be available on Grungy Gentleman‘s website as well as the inaugurated HSTRY ecommerce site, loading August 1 as well.


Are you as impressed with this collection as I am? You can definitely see amazing execution and time taken into incorporating the inspired logos. Dear Future homie/friend/lover/husband, you’re wearing this. Sincerely, Future homie/friend/lover/wife.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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