Beyonce's hair gets caught in fan while performing.

Because It’s Funny: Beyonce Gets “Caught Up” In An Affair With A Fan!!! [VIDEO]


Oh Beyonce. Ever the consummate performer, misses no beat for any circumstance whatsoever. Falls down stairs, never falters. Other members of her team trip, she steps over them and continues on.

This go ’round, the Devil was busy as he employed some of his mischievous tactics to somehow get Bey Bey’s “Virgin Remy and Malaysian” hair caught up in a fan. A literal, wind blowing fan. Not a fan as in someone that stands outside in the pouring on some Eminem’s Stan-like steez, but a fan of the needed during last week’s heat wave persuasion.

Before her hecklers had a chance to gloat in her moment of flaw, Beyonce took to her Instagram to take a joking jab at herself, proving just how human the super performer really is.

Sing along to the beat of “Halo” which she was performing during said incident:


Watch the video of the fan making moves on Beyonce below. Too funny. Love that she can laugh at herself!!

Other moments of flawless continuity.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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