Sarah Jessica Parker Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 Cover

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2013 issue

I know we’ve been missing a lot of covers, due fully to it being just little oh me manning the ship that is Peacock Under Pressure. I try guys, I try!

But I could not, COULD NOT, step away from the magnitude of Harper’s Bazaar Fall Fashion September issue starring my BFF in my mind, Sarah Jessica Parker. The clothes, Jesus, the clothes!!! The clothes, the clothes, the clothes!!! Phew. Okay I’m done.

Shot by Terry Richardson, SJP looks beautiful, fun and free. J’adore.

Read excerpts from her interview “The Girl Just Want To Have Fun” with Cathy Horyn:

Parker discusses her marriage and how they manage to make it work:

Although Broderick ranks among the most admired actors—a perch he reached 30 years ago with Brighton Beach Memoirs on Broadway and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—Parker’s SATC fame brought abnormal attention. Yet few other major celebrities have managed to keep their marriage so private. Rumors of a Broderick affair a while back quietly vanished. “Yeah, I didn’t comment on it,” Parker acknowledges, adding, “People have asked me about my marriage, ‘How do you make it work, and I say, ‘We don’t talk about it.’ That’s not really true. It’s sort of a nasty response.”

She thinks for a moment. “Matthew and I come from a different time and place. When we were young people, all we ever wanted was to be good working actors. We didn’t think of fame or money because, honestly, money was never part of the dream. It was to work in theater, to be around those people whose work I was in total awe of. I never saw the trappings; nobody talked about being a celebrity. So when our marriage came up in conversation, it wouldn’t occur to us that we were obligated to respond to allegations or gossip. You have to be a bit circumspect, but you also have to take up a position, and you have to stick to it.

“There’s also the reality of your life,” she continues. “I love Matthew Broderick. Call me crazy, but I love him. We can only be in the marriage we are. We’re very devoted to our family and our lives. I love our life. I love that he’s the father of my children, and it’s because of him that there’s this whole other world that I love.”

Partnering with Manolo Blahnik on her new SJP shoe line:

“She has a fan base in the fashion world that’s extraordinary, and it’s truly because she’s such a nice person,” says George Malkemus, president of Manolo Blahnik. Recently he teamed up with Parker to create an SJP line of shoes in the $250 to $450 range, to be sold at Nordstrom starting in February. “Were it anyone but Sarah Jessica, I wouldn’t have done it,” Malkemus says. Parker was awaiting the first samples from Italy when we spoke, but expect feminine shapes, plenty of low heels, and unusual color combinations like navy and mocha. “The shoe business is so exciting because we don’t have to think of black and brown as the only neutrals anymore,” she says.

Her new HBO show Into the Fire:

“It’s about a woman, a beloved talk-show host out of Minneapolis, whose husband is a cook. He sort of put his career on hold while she had this big success, and ultimately they move to New York to give his career a chance. But they’re floundering. He’s a hothead and he can’t really keep a job. Deeply lovable.” In the emotional turmoil her character winds up having an affair.

“When we started working on this,” she says, “it became clear that women in their 40s are having affairs, and if they’re not having an affair, then one of their best friends is. How do we treat our marriages, and how can you be deeply involved and in love with someone else and also be in love with your husband? How are you a good mother? And what does it do to a marriage to be so deeply distracted elsewhere?”

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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