Peacock On The Go: The 2013 Do-Over At Beekman Beer Garden


It’s been a looooong time since I did a Peacock On The Go, partly because I am so in the moment, I forget to take obligatory, “I was here” photos. Partly because I always leave my child aka my camera at home.

Whatever the case, I am committed to doing better. Last night, my good friend/makeup artist extraordinaire Kourtney accompanied me to The 2013 Do-Over party held at the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club at Pier 17. Loads of beautifully, fashionably clad people from all walks of life came together to, well, be beautiful together. Presented by Adidas Originals, the LA-established event made its bi-coastal rounds for the second time this year as we celebrated the 40th birthday of Hip Hop.

The-Do-Over-NYC-2013-Peacock-Under-Pressure The-Do-Over-NYC-2013-Peacock-Under-PressureThe-Do-Over-NYC-2013-Peacock-Under-Pressure

Special guest DJs include Tony Touch and my favorite DJ (though he’s truly multi-talented) of all time, Biz Markie.

DSC_0185 DSC_0216

Style wise, I believe in the combined efforts of form with function. If I know I’m going to be standing or dancing for prolonged periods of time, comfort is crucial, but that doesn’t mean losing my sense of style in the process.

As I’m going through an ever-present dressed in all black (like the omen) phase, I went running to my favorite Norma Kamali dress. I adore this dress. I will wear this sucker all year round. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s sexy. Paired with my Aldo tote and black sandals punctuated by red lips and nails, I was all set and ready to go!!!


photo (5)


Kourt  took her stylish inclinations to new heights with a reverse ombré leopard print collared blouse and Bermuda cut denim shorts and a high braided ponytail. Cute!


The 2013 Do Over Party presented by Adidas Original. 8-12-2013

Between the music, the food and the fashion, it was a great night with good people.

Check out more shots from the evening, including several layers of selfies, massive Margaritas (in plastic cups ’cause we’re fancy lol) and an impromptu breakout of the Electric Slide. Yes, it happened, and it was glorious!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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