Todrick Hall presents Cinderonce

New Video: Tondrick Hall, “Cinderonce”

Todrick Hall presents Cinderonce

You know, I love fashion and entertainment news as much as the next gal hence the concentration of such on this blog, but that is not the main focus of this site (or shouldn’t be).

As of late, it seems I have lost focus of that. I want to give you the deets on how to take something high end, something couture, and make it accessible. Custom designing your life versus copy and pasting and trying to fit the cookie cut outline.Moments like this bring me back to the essence of why I even started this site.

The incredible talent that is Todrick Hall has taken the fairy tale of Cinderella and reworked to be told through a series of Beyonce songs, appropriately renaming the story to “Cinderonce.”

Starring Hall and one of my favorite drag queens ever Shangela as the Fairy God Mother, honey, they are serving iced tea in July!

This is exactly what I mean. Live a fun, purpose driven life your way!

Check the video below:

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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