Kevin Hart Premieres New Animated Series

New Video: Watch The First Episode Of Kevin Hart’s New Animated Series, “Say It With Your Chest”

Kevin Hart Premieres New Animated Series

Somehow, between world tours and blockbuster movie deals, Kevin Hart has managed to create his own made-for-YouTube animation series, “Say It With Your Chest.”Bringing to life the story of his mother’s funeral in which the Let Me Explain comedian chronicled in his 2011 Laugh At My Pain stand-up show, you get to meet some of Hart’s best known family members including Kevin’s father Daddy Hart, Uncle Al, Grandma Hart and Cousin Richard.

Here are a few character descriptions:

Young Kevin
Hindered by a hormone imbalance that makes him short, but capable of growing a goatee, Young Kevin navigates the treacherous waters of friends, family and childhood as a precocious 8 year old.

Daddy Hart
Married to his La-Z-Boy chair, Daddy Hart is committed to his street proven former drug addict sensibilities. He loves his son, but views the world as the Serengeti and Young Kevin as a lame gazelle.

Uncle Al
A former convict, Uncle Al views the world through a prism of a prisoner. He counsels Young Kevin as though both lived behind bars and his neurotic paranoid filled advice often creates more confusion than solution.

Grandma Hart
Always accompanied by Jesus who is her silent copilot, Grandma Hart wields her advice through scripture and a switchblade. A tenth degree black belt, Grandma Hart is to be feared and respected, even by Jesus.

According to Kevin’s YouTube channel, the episodes are

“Set in today’s world, Kevin Hart narrates via voice over episodes guiding us through Young Kevin’s feelings and sensibilities. Episodes begin with Young Kevin being presented with a problem or obstacle, then turning to his eccentric group of family members for help or advice. Young Kevin then decides to either use, or discard the family assistance building an air of mystery as to how an episode will conclude.At times Young Kevin will play a central role in a problem, but his role as a “put-upon” kid will remain.”

Watch the NSFW premiere episode below:

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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