Fall 2013 Fashion Trend Is Grunge

Top Fall Fashion Fashion Trends: Go Grunge

Fall 2013 Fashion Trend Is Grunge

I’ve been told that August is the Sunday of Summer. Much like Sundays, August is the time we enjoy those last glimpses of warm R&R while preparing ourselves for the wear and tear of the impending future. Soon enough, we’ll be saying au revoir to our go-to shorts and hello to sweaters and heavy boots. But as every fashionable lady knows, planning is half of the battle!!!

 I will be giving you the inside scoop on all of the amazing trends for Fall and Winter so you can have the leg up for the style win!!! Let’s get to it!!!

Saint Laurent ushered a sea of Smells Like Teen Spirit inspired looks down their Fall 2013 runway, marking the reemergence of Grunge. Rebellious, Bold, Taboo, Carefree. Grunge is all about what you aren’t supposed to be, who you aren’t supposed to become and somehow daring to do so anyway.

Your favorite style stars took to the look like a fish to water this summer. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Alexa Chung, Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora and Elle Fanning take the trend and own it.

The best part about the trend is you can wear it now and well into the chillier months. To achieve this look, keep these key elements in mind:

Flannel and Plaid

Flannels and Plaids are the unofficial ambassadors for grunge. Pair checkered print shirts with cutoff shorts or leather skirt for a “I’m natural this effortless” ensemble. Look for flannels that range within the red, blue, black and white color schemes to set you on the right path of grunge discovery. A heavier weighted shirt will keep you warm in the fall and work well tied around your waist right now.

Floral Prints

Femininity disrupted by edgy hints of masculinity are all at play for this aesthetic. Florals offset by flannel and boots are grunge to the -nth degree!!! Don’t worry about matching your prints or colors. Remember, grunge is carefree and rebels against the rules. Keep those gams warm in dark colored hosiery when the chill gets to be too much. For an added punch, opt for printed wares instead of solids.


Knock the dust off of those Doc Martens that have been craving your attention for the last 10 years!!! Wear those Docs to the bouncing soles are weak in the knees. Boots add a needed dose of bad ass. Studded boots create a similar effect as they conjure Michelle Phifer’s “cool rider” ala Grease 2. They are great additions for summer time fine and winter chill frills. If Docs are out of your price range, there are loads of variants that will fit the mold.

Simply put,  think of grunge as the combining of the dainty with the daring.

I’ve compiled a few options to get you started plus take a cue from these ladies and you’ll be a pro in no time. Happy hunting!!!

Grunge Me Down

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