Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

We are a month away from the Season 3 arrival of Scandal, and I simply cannot retain my excitement. To satiate our hunger, Glamour has tapped the Emmy-nominated “It” gal that is Kerry Washington to slay front and center for their October 2013 issue.Dripping from the cover to beyond in Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and every other imaginable envy-worthy fashion house in your style repertoire, Kerry is very “First Lady meets International Known On The Microphone” chic.

The corresponding interview with Cindi Leive is an eye opener as Washington spills her parents’ thoughts on career decision, brand marketing through her fashion choices, the sister created by the ladies of Scandal and much, much more. Catch a few excerpts plus her entire photo shoot below:

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

Her parents reaction to Kerry becoming an actress:

When I said that this is what I wanted to do, my mother literally cried. She didn’t want me to experience all that rejection. They both would have preferred me to have been a lawyer.… [After college] I gave myself a year to make it in acting and was living in my parents’ house teaching beginner’s yoga when I got my first part, in Our Song. Then I got Save the Last Dance.… Now they’re really behind me. And I’m always working. My cousins call me the longshoreman of actors.

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

On the importance of red carpet branding:

 It started out as, like, Good-Student Kerry. OK, I’m going to admit this: There were a couple of actresses whom I felt were having the upper hand careerwise—because they knew how to work that red carpet. I was like, “I’m missing a really important tool. If I am the CEO of the Kerry Washington Corporation, my marketing department is really lax.” So I sort of developed a new character: Red-Carpet Kerry. And I researched her like any other character. I actually called Tracee Ellis Ross [the actress and Diana Ross’s daughter], who’s a good friend, and literally asked, “How do you pronounce Hermès?” Red-Carpet Kerry needed to know.

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

Her real life “gladiators”:

 My closest girlfriends from college, and I’m really close to the girls on the show. It’s a sisterhood.… That’s the big thing that really differentiates me from Olivia: She compartmentalizes her relationships. I really try to let my friends into all of my life. They know that Red-Carpet Kerry is a version of Kerry, and they know that DNC Speaker Kerry is me.

Kerry Washington Glamour October 2013 Cover

Catch the entire interview with Kerry Washington at Glamour.


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