Just A Thought…Why Wait For Someone To Complete You? Complete Yourself!


I am a sucker for a sob story. No truer words were spoken about my previous relationships. I am an eternal romantic green with optimism. And my frequent blindness has led me down some troublesome paths.My track record screams with stories of my former flames dreams, but with no expectation to live up to or even come close to them. Want to do this, want to do that, figured the dreams were unachievable so did nothing instead.

Or the guys with a checkered past on the road to doing better. “On the road” quickly translates to sitting on the curb waiting for someone to pick them up and carry them along instead of footing it on their own.

“I want to own a barber shop but I have no barbering experience and don’t want to go to school, so I’ll sit on my ass and watch time fly right pass me.”

“My parents aren’t educated so yea I started college, but had no intention of finishing. Hey, at least I went, right?”

“Yea, I still live at home in my 30s while I work on the same imaginary clothing line I’ve been attempting for 10 years.”


And I fall for it every time. I always felt, if I could motivate this person through encouragement and my own actions, maybe we (as a unit) could make this happen. Fact is, while trying to help them, I got placed on pause with my own goals.

In helping them, I could be blocking my own blessings and losing out on becoming my best self. In an effort to “complete” them, I could be making myself “incomplete.”

But that time has come and gone. As I said in a previous post, instead of falling for potential, I have learned to see the actual. What is happening right now. Who they are and where they are when I meet them. There are a lot of people that never reach their potential, and even more that never try.

So instead of trying to fix our partners, I want each of us to strive to become a whole person. Stop waiting for someone else to move the needle from half tank to full. Pump our own gas into our lives!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, irritates me more than hearing a person wax on and on about wanting to find the missing piece to their puzzle.

“I just want someone to complete me.”

“Where’s my better half?”

Do you realize what you are telling the universe and yourself? That God, in all His infinite wisdom, created a partial product. Everything in creation has been made in its full form, yet somehow you, His greatest work, were slapped together half-assed. Yea, ok. You sound 50 Shades of Stupid.

Couple of tips I’ve learned to break the “complete me” cycle:

  • Knowing your worth is crucial in this game called life.
  • Stop believing everything you see and read.
  • You are enough. You are good enough for yourself.
  • Fall in love with yourself in your complete state, and refuse to settle for mediocrity and unfinished works in your life.
  • Avoid sub par people. They will drag you down to their below average existence.
  • Excellence by your unique standards is within reach, so go for it. Learn to
  • If we (me included) put more effort into being our best selves, having our own lives, own goals and plans for execution, maybe we would find the person we want instead of the people we settle for.
  • If you continue waiting for your half to show up, you have no right to be upset when they are just that: half of a person.
  • Go out and get your life together.

Be a complete person, and a complete love is bound to find you.

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

2 thoughts on “Just A Thought…Why Wait For Someone To Complete You? Complete Yourself!

  1. YES! Love, love, love it! And, just so you don’t lose site of your goals, write them down and revisit them daily or at least weekly. Expect more and the best. Demand more and the best from the world and yourself.
    Amen Sister!

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