New Video: J. Cole Feat. TLC, “Crooked Smile”

J. Cole New video, Crooked Smile Featuring TLC

Lord. This man. *gathers ovaries before attempting to proceed*

So J. Cole released his new video, “Crooked Smile” and it’s a heart breaker.In it, Cole is on one side of the spectrum. Loving father that is hauled away when his drug dealing profession catches up to him. On the other end, a DEA agent sent to catch Cole who loves his daughter just as much. In the middle? Their daughters, who see their fathers and not their seemingly “crooked smile” life choices. Cops are frowned upon, Drug dealers are frowned upon, but somebody loves them.

The video is also in remembrance of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, the 7 year old black girl from Detroit that was shot and killed by a white policemen when they raided the home of a murder suspect in 2010.

*sigh* I will keep all my sentiments about Cole to myself for fear we will look back on this one day, and he’ll uncover my slight stanning for his 6 foot, 3 inch foineness (“o” intended).

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock


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