First Look at Isabel Marant For H&M

First Look: The Isabel Marant For H&M Has Been Spotted!!!

First Look at Isabel Marant For H&M

You want it, we’ve got it!!! The internet is buzz, buzz, buzzing with the first leaked photos from Isabel Marant pour H&M collection available in 250 stores worldwide and online November 14. 

Queen of the illusion wedge sneaker, Marant tells Harper’s Bazaar where the inspiration for the collaboration stems from.

“It’s a mix-up of my favorite things, pieces you put in your luggage and say, ‘Oh, my God, if I lose my suitcase it’s going to be a disaster.’ I figured out what I wouldn’t like to lose, things I never get tired of.”

What can you expect? An amassment of Isabel’s previous runway renderings: t-shirts, tribal print jackets, Aztec-inspired sweaters, slouchy boots, delicately draped dresses and fiercely skinny pants quintessentially Marant.

“The collection is totally Marant, which means that the trousers are quite skinny and outerwear makes a statement,”

she tells to GQ UK.

Take a gander!!!

Be Extraordinary- Alyssa Peacock

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